Thursday, November 25, 2010

Applying Foundation and Types

Benefits of applying foundation are:
-cover imperfections
-give the appearance of flawless skin
-helps conceal open pores
-hide little pimples and discoloration
-even skin tone
-covers blemishes
-protect the skin from the sun and environmental pollutants
-give a smooth, matte finish
-give a smooth texture to skin
-reduce shin
-cover dark circles under the eyes

There are many foundations on the market, liquid, powder, mousse, stick.

Appropriate for all skin types
Good for dry, sensitive skin
Good coverage
Provides natural look

Appropriate for combination and oily skin
Good coverage to blemishes, pimples, marks, spots
Applied dry or wet with a sponge

Combination of liquid and a powder foundation
Appropriate for older skin
Good coverage
Settles into fine lines

Appropriate for normal to dry skin
Acts like a concealer
Precise application and even touch ups

How to apply foundation
Step 1
Cleanse and tone skin
Step 2
Moisturize your skin
Step 3
Use concealer (you can use before or after foundation)
Step 4
Application, best way is with your finger tips, sponge or brush
Step 5
Apply in the center of you face
Step 6
Blend outwards, don't forget to apply foundation to your neck, you don't want a mask or look unnatural
Step 7
Set foundation, apply a loose powder, Dab the brush all over you face, then stroke evenly over face.

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