Tuesday, November 30, 2010

e.l.f studio eyebrow kit review

We all know that I love e.l.f products! So it's time for another review.
I have been using this product for a while now to get the feel of how it looks and feels. (bought with own money)
I bought it from e.l.f Canada, USA, or e.l.f UK for $3! I got mine in the light color. It comes in light, medium, dark.
It comes with a dark wax and a light powder and a dual brush, you use the angle end for your wax and the dome brush for the powder.
You apply the wax first then go over with the powder.
I find the wax part is to dark for my eyebrows. But it fills in the brows really good! I love how my brows look after they are filled.

4.5 out of 5
I would repurchase this item and would recommend it to my friends!

I have more reviews upcoming in the next month and the new year!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miss Highspeed internet!!

That's how I feel!
Just wanted to tell you why my posting has been lacking lately, I've been visiting my parents and they live on a farm and don't have highspeed internet :( I didn't think I would miss it so much but trying to upload a picture takes to long, that my butt starts to get numb from sitting so long! I have so many entries to add when I get home. Sorry again I'll try to do some other entries. If you have any request feel free to email me with your ideas! I would love to hear them.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Applying Foundation and Types

Benefits of applying foundation are:
-cover imperfections
-give the appearance of flawless skin
-helps conceal open pores
-hide little pimples and discoloration
-even skin tone
-covers blemishes
-protect the skin from the sun and environmental pollutants
-give a smooth, matte finish
-give a smooth texture to skin
-reduce shin
-cover dark circles under the eyes

There are many foundations on the market, liquid, powder, mousse, stick.

Appropriate for all skin types
Good for dry, sensitive skin
Good coverage
Provides natural look

Appropriate for combination and oily skin
Good coverage to blemishes, pimples, marks, spots
Applied dry or wet with a sponge

Combination of liquid and a powder foundation
Appropriate for older skin
Good coverage
Settles into fine lines

Appropriate for normal to dry skin
Acts like a concealer
Precise application and even touch ups

How to apply foundation
Step 1
Cleanse and tone skin
Step 2
Moisturize your skin
Step 3
Use concealer (you can use before or after foundation)
Step 4
Application, best way is with your finger tips, sponge or brush
Step 5
Apply in the center of you face
Step 6
Blend outwards, don't forget to apply foundation to your neck, you don't want a mask or look unnatural
Step 7
Set foundation, apply a loose powder, Dab the brush all over you face, then stroke evenly over face.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Foundation Tutorial

Here is a quick way to apply your foundation. Always start with a moisturized face. Use what products you have.


e.l.f's quick pick- I'm featured

I'm featured in e.l.f's Freash Finds Vol 10 No 9! With my Makeup Collection
How exciting! you can buy e.l.f products elf- Canada, USA, elf- UK

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Find your Foundation Color

Finding the right shade of foundation is important, you don't want to be walking around outside with a dark makeup line across your neck. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Go to your favorite department store cosmetic counter, or favorite drugstore.
2. Shop with a clean, moisturized face.
3. Always use the SAMPLES. Test it correctly on your neck/chest area, you want your face to blend into your neck. You want the color to 'dissapear' into your skin.
4. Pick a color you think you are then pick two additional shades one lighter and one darker.
5. To get the best result of your shade, go outside if your with someone ask them if they can 'see' the foundation. You don't want it to be bright orange, yellow etc.
6. If you're unsure of a color go lighter- never darker. You can always apply bronzer
7. If you find a color that suits you- BUY IT!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Skin Complexion: Warm verses Cool

Being able to know  your skin tone will help you choose the best color selection for hair, makeup and clothing. Here are some ways to help you figure out what tone you are.

You’re COOL if…
1. Silver jewelry stands out more than gold jewelry when placed on your skin
2. In direct sunlight, you see glints of blue, purple or green in your natural hair color
3. Your skin color in porcelain, rosy-beige, rosy-pink, dark olive, dark brown or ebony
4. You may burn easily in the sun
5. Your eye color is light blue, gray-blue, gray-green, blue-green, deep blue, deep green, brown or black
You will look beset in Silver, Platinum or white gold jewelry. Pearls and diamonds have cool undertones so often they compliment your skin.
You’re WARM if…
1. Gold jewelry stands out more than silver jewelry when placed on your skin
2. In direct sunlight, you see glints of red, orange, gold or yellow in your natural hair color
3. Your skin color is golden brown, warm peach, pale or yellow with freckles
4. You tan easily in the sun
5. Your eye color is blue, blue-green hazel, green, topaz, amber, cinnamon, coffee bean
You will look best gold, brass and copper jewelry.
Here is a easy test...
Pull your hair off of your face. Wash your face and then place a white towel around your neck and shoulders. The pure white cloth will reflect skin undertones. If your face looks yellow next to the white towel you have a warm skin tone and if it looks more blue then you have a cool skin tone.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rihanna- What's my name Makeup

This look is inspired from Rihanna's video What's my name.
I used e.l.f's 32 palette, black liquid eyeliner, mascara

Prime your eyes first. Take a cream base in a purple apply it to your lid, don't go past the crease. Take the lightest purple and pack it onto your lid, you want the purple to show up. Blend out past the crease a bit so you don't have any harsh lines. Apply a highlighter I used the white in the palette. Apply a nude color between the highlighter and the purple. Apply the same purple on your lower lash line make sure you connect the purple from the top. Line your upper lash line with a thin line of black liquid liner. Apply your favorite mascara.
Her cheeks are a pink color I used blush in innocence. Her lips a a pinky purply color I mixed Fantasy lipstick with hypershine gloss in Joy. But find a shade that compliments your skin tone.

Silver Bells Holiday Look

Silver Bells, Silver Bells, It's Christmas Time in the City!
I used e.l.f's 32 palette, liquid eyeliner, false lashes.

Apply your eye primer, then add a cream shadow in grey. Apply your light silver on your entire lid, pack it on, you want it to be very silver. Take the 5th color in (dark grey with green) apply it to your outer V, blend into your crease. Apply the same color on your lower lash line. Apply a nude hightlighter, and add it on your inner lower lash line. Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner in black, line your water line with a black eyeliner pencil. Curl your lashes, apply a coat of mascara. I took a pair of lashes and cut it in half, apply to your outer corner. You can go over the glue once try with more liner to cover up the glue.
Apply blush in glow, and a light purple lipstick.

*I know I have fallout I thought I had got it all*

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sugar Cookie Holiday Look

Everybody loves sugar cookies!
I used pretty n pink and butternut eyeshadow quads, and sugar cookie cream eyeshadow.

First you want to prime your eyelid. Take the brown cream and add it all over your lid. Take the pink next to the white in your pretty n pink quad, apply it on the inner half of your eye, Then talke the light bronze color in the right top of your butternut quad, and apply it to the outer V, blend outwards into your crease, and blend it into your pink. You can apply more pink to your inner half. Take the white color for your hightlighter, and apply a small amount to the tear duct area. Take the same bronze color and add it under your lower lash line. Line your eye with the darker bronze color lower and upper lash line. Apply your favorite mascara.
For the blush I used innocence, and hypershine lip gloss in blossom.

Friday, November 19, 2010

O Christmas Tree Holiday Look

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Thy leaves are so unchanging!
This is a beautiful gold and green look, great for any Christmas party this season.
I used e.l.f's 32 palette, Olive cream eyeshadow, and any gold color. Cream black eyeliner, white eyeshadow (drama quad)

First prime your lids. Apply a thin layer of the green cream eyeshadow over your entire lid. Take a gold color and add it to your entire lid, you want it dark enough that you can see it. Take the darkest green from your 32 palette and add it to your outer V, and blend upwards into your crease and just above your crease bone. Take a white eyeshadow and apply it under your brow for a highlighter. Line your upper lash line with a cream eyeliner or liquid. Apply the cream liner on your water line and just a little on your lower lashes. Take the dark green and on a pencil brush apply it under your lower lashes. If you want to make the corner of your eyes brighter take the white and apply it under the inner corner. Apply your favorite mascara. If you want your lashes to stand out more you can apply false lashes.
For the rest of the face you want to keep it natural looking, I used glow blush, and babydoll lip plumping gloss for my lips, if you want you can apply a nude lip color.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sugar Plum Fairy Holiday Look

Will sugar plum fairies danced in their heads. Now they dance on your eyes with this beautiful purple look.
I used the duo shadow in purple haze, black pencil liner, and a silver from the 32 palette.
Prime your eyes, if you have a purple base go ahead and apply it, I just used the pink from sugar cookie duo cream eyeshadow, Apply the lighest purple on half your lid, take the darkest one and apply it to your outer V and blend, bring it in until it meets the light purple. Then clean your blending brush off and drag the lighest purple all the way to the outer V. Apply a silver in the corner of your eye. Apply a highlighter (I use the lighest white in the 32 palette) Line your eyes with liner, you can wing it out if you want to, and line half of your lower lash. Take a crease brush and apply some dark purple under your lower lashes as well. Apply your favorite mascara.
Blush I used was glow (it's winter you don't want a pink) Lips just use a nude color of your choice.
Enjoy! Let me know how your look goes.

Acne Cures

Apply a honey mask to your face once or twice a week - Honey has antibacterial properties so it is great for disinfecting and healing minor blemishes. It is also gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Wash twice a day with acne soap - You should wash your face twice a day with a sulfur based soap designed for acne. Once when you first wake up in the morning and then, right before you go to bed at night. Be extremely gentle to your skin when washing - do not scrub or use any sort of rough cloth. Over washing your skin will actually stimulate your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, thus increasing your acne.

  • Keep your hair off your face - If you have long hair or bangs, pull your hair off your face. Your hair contains oils as well, and will contribute to your breakouts. You'll also want to wash your hair everyday and after workouts

  • Take a potent multi-vitamin - Acne can be a sign that something is wrong on the inside. Your skin depends on nutrition. It is a vital organ that is usually neglected. If your body is not receiving the right nutrition, it will fight back. One common way it will rebel is to produce excessive sebum, clogging pores, and reducing the ability for your skin to heal and fight bacteria.

  • Include chromium in your diet - Chromium is well known for weight loss diets. But it is also excellent for healing infections on the skin. Taking a chromium supplement once a day will help heal your pimples quickly and prevent future breakouts.

  • Eat carrots for beta-carotene (Vitamin A) - Vitamin A strengthens the protective tissue of the skin and actually prevents acne. It helps reduce sebum production. This vitamin is essential for the maintenance and repair of the tissue which the skin and mucous membranes are made of. Vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant needed to rid your body of toxins. Did you know that a deficiency in vitamin A can actually cause acne?

  • Do not pick or squeeze your blackheads and pimples - As tempting as it may be, do not squeeze, scratch, rub or touch your pimples and blackheads. Do any of these actions, actually increases the sebum production. Plus, when you squeeze, you are actually rupturing the membranes below your skin, causing infection and sebum to spread underneath your skin. The result is more pimples.

  • Wash your pillow case every other day - Your face lays on your pillow case every day. Your pillow case absorbs the oils from your skin and reapplies the dirt and oil. Thus causing breakouts. Keep your sheets and pillow cases clean.

  • Eat foods rich in zinc - Zinc is an antibacterial agent and a necessary element in the oil-producing glands of the skin. A diet low in zinc can actually cause acne breakouts.

  • Some of the Best Acne Products are
    Clean & Clear max strength persa gel 10
    Clean & Clear advantage oil free acne moisturizer
    Cetaphil Cleanser
    Noxema triple clean anti-blemish pads
    St. Ives blemish fighting cleanser
    Aveeno clear complexion correcting treatment
    Olay smooth skin exfoliating scrub
    Neutrogena healthy skin blemish scrub
    Biore pore scrub
    You can find all these products at your local drugstore.

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Makeup for Mature women

    My Mom requested this.
    The makeup for a mature women should be classy and sophisticated.  It is because they have to be specific about the colors and texture of makeup they use.

    By this age your eyebrows are sparser, redefine them with a powder, pencil or gel, similar in color to your natural hair color.

    You don't want to use a heavy foundation, try a liquid foundation with moisturizer try Simply Ageless Covergirl if you use a blush try a cream instead of a powder. Simply ageless blush. Use a matte color two shades darker then your skin just under the chin to hide saggy neck.

    You would want to avoid the wild colors, instead go for a mid range neutral colors instead, don't go over board with eye liner and mascara
    Pinks, Greys, Browns Shades

    Use a lip primer e.l.f lip primer or use a concealer close to your lips to avoid feathering. Choose graceful shades of lipstick, pay attention to the moisture and the fullness that it gives your lips.
    Pink, Berry, Coral & Peach Shades.

    Jack Frost Hoilday Makeup

    Is Jack Frost nipping at your nose? Show him some love with a makeup look!
    I used the elf 32 palette and brightening eyeshadow in drama, black cream eyeliner.

    Prime your eyes first, then take the lightest silver from the 32 palette and add it in the inner eye, take the darker silver also from the 32 palette and apply it to the middle of the eye. Take the deepest blue and apply it to the outer V. Blend into your crease, make as dark as you want it. Line your top lash line with black liner and wing out. Take whats left on your brush and apply on your lower lash. Apply white eyeshadow from the drama quad on the inner eye and bring under the 3rd part of your lower eye, use the the lightest grey from your drama quad apply on the lower eye underneath your black liner, and apply on the top liner too. Apply your favorite mascara.
    I used elf blush in glow, and lip gloss in joy.

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    I got a iPhone!!

    I always wanted a iPhone and when Mr.Shabby got one I was really really mad! So every chance I get I bring up how I want a iPhone, if I had a iPhone I wouldn't have to use yours to go on facebook etc.
    I brought it up today when the little Mr. Shabby didn't have his DVD player in the car, I said that if I had a iPhone he could watch a movie. Well all of a sudden he had to go to the phone store, he said he was buying a booster antenna, I secretly knew he was getting me a phone.
    20 Min's later after little Mr. Shabby and I were rocking out to tunes in the car he returns giving me this box wrapped with a white invoice, I slide the box out and almost burst out laughing it was a iPhone!!!!!
    So excited! I want to deck it out in pink. But that was my little surprise today, and I swear the phone is smarter then me!

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    Holiday Gradient Nails

    I love the look of Gradient Nails! I seen them on Jelena's Blog Here and had to try it. This was my first attempt.
    I used a orly polish in Garnet Truth, and a top coat fro e.l.f.  It works best with a light color.
    First you paint your free edge, I did two coats because this polish is very light. Then you add another layer half way down your nails and go over your free edge, just once. Your last layer is very light make sure you don't have a lot of product on the brush and go all the way to your free edge, before it dries apply your top coat all over the nail. You can what ever colors you want, it goes the same if you choose many colors, your dark goes on first, then your medium color, then light. Simple right?!.
    Let me know how yours turned out!

    Hot Coco Holiday Look

    So Day 1 of Holiday Looks is Hot Coco with white for Marshmellows. Now I really want a hot coco!
    I used the due eyeshadows for this look. I bought them in a kit. Light brown cream eyeshadow- sugar cookie. Bronze eyeliner ( you can use brown if you want), Natural Radiance Blusher- Glow, Hypershine Lip Gloss- Blossom.
    You want to prime your eyelid first, then you want to add the cream eyeshadow in brown all over your lid and up towards your brow. Then take the litter brown in the middle duo, apply from your lash line to your crease, take the dark brown and add it to your outer V, I made mine a circle but you can do a V, blend upwards over your bone just a bit, and blend into your crease. (it's darker on me then the camera shows)
    After you blend it well, take the light color on the last duo, this is your highlighter and your inner eye color, for the inner eye I used a white eyeliner first then added the highlighter, gives it a better bright look, bring under your lower lashes. Line your eye with a brown or a bronze eyeliner, line you lower lashes and smudge out a bit. Apply your favorite mascara. Apply glow blush to your apple of your cheeks and Blossom Lip gloss. You want to keep the face a neutral color.

    2010 Holiday Makeup with ELF

    I'm going to be starting Holiday Makeup Looks, using mostly e.l.f products. I'm using all the products that I bought.
    Since Christmas parties are coming up everyone will need a glamours look. I will have a few traditional colors along with some neutral colors as well.
    I hope you all join me with beautiful holiday looks.

    Natural Home Remedies for Psoriasis

    Psoriasis Signs And Symptoms:
    Signs and symptoms include dry-flaky-scaly skin, sores, dandruff.  Symptoms appear, clear up and reappear. 

    Psoriasis Causes:
    Psoriasis is an immune disorder (less severe than Lupus) where the body attacks healthy skin as if it were infected, resulting in fast skin cell production and destruction, causing flaking and scaly skin.  Infections, stress, dry or cold weather and some medicines can worsen the condition.  

    Natural Remedies And Psoriasis Treatment:
    While there is no cure for Psoriases, most cases are mild and manageable with natural topical treatments containing zinc, aloe and vitamin e.  Medications, light treatment or injections can be prescribed for more severe symptoms.

    Pass the warm olive oil. If psoriasis scale is a problem on your scalp, warm a little olive oil and gently massage it into the scale to help soften and remove it. Then shampoo as usual and rinse thoroughly.

     Baking soda. To take the itch out of your scaly patches, mix 1 1/2 cups baking soda into 3 gallons water. Apply to your itcy patches with a washcloth soaked in the solution. 
    Fish oil. There have been numerous studies linking the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil to improvement in psoriasis patches. The people in these studies had to take large oral doses of the supplement to show any results, but one study did find simply slathering fish oil on a psoriasis patch helped with healing.
    Beat the tar out of it. Tar-containing shampoos, creams, and bath additives can help loosen psoriasis scales. Tar-containing bath oils are especially beneficial for psoriasis that is widespread on the body. These over-the-counter (OTC) products have been successful psoriasis treatments for many years.
    Try a vinegar dip. Like aloe, apple cider vinegar has a long history of being used to soothe minor burns and other skin inflammations, and it's also a disinfectant. As a liquid, it makes a great soak for affected fingernails and toenails -- just pour some in a bowl or cup and dip your nails in for a few minutes -- and apparently has even been effective when applied to plaques using cotton balls. It might just be worth a try. To Prepare an apple cider vinegar compress, add 1 cup apple cider vinegar to 1 gallon water. Soak a washcloth in the mixture and apply it to the skin to ease itching.

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Kristen Stewart Inspired Makeup Look

    This look is so easy all you need is 4 items!! Well ok 5 with mascara.

    All you need to do is apply your black eyeliner roughly around your eyes, being neat at the inner eye. After you applied your liner, line the upper and lower water line. Smudge your liner with a smudge brush, you want it to be blended upward on the upper lash line, and outwards on your lower, you are going for a smokey look. After your finished with your liner, get a brown cream eyeshadow, and your eyeshadow brush. Take a small amount of brown on your brush and apply it to your lid, blending in some of the black that is on your eye lid, blend upwards past your crease. You can make it as dark as you want it. You don't want to much product on or it will crease. Apply your favorite black mascara.
    Easy! I hope you Enjoy!!

    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    Green Tea Toner

    How to make Green Tea Toner
    1. Buy some Green Tea, Doesn't matter the brand it has to be pure green tea.

    2. Make your tea, I used a tea maker, but a kettle will work fine, leave it in for about 6 mins, then remove tea bag. You want to let it cool.

    3. Buy a bottle it can either be a spray or a cap. I bought mine from the dollar store. You want to refridgerate it afterwards. Its good for 1 week. Apply to cotton pad or mist your face. Use after you cleanse and exfoliate your skin. It will help with acne, wrinkles, pores, dryness. Enjoy!

    Defining the Outer 'V'

    I mention in my makeup tutorials to make a outer 'V', Here is a small diagram to help you, everyone has a different outer V, depending on their eye shape and bone structure.These are only guidelines, you have to find your own technique. I use a crease brush, but you can use a angle brush if you want to. After you have your outer V blend, and blend!
    You always want to apply the darkest color for your outer V, and your lightest color in the inner eye.
    If you don't have a crease, you can always pretend that you do and adding color to your socket area.
    I hope this helps!

    Rosacea Skin type

    What is Rosacea?
    Rosacea has become a very common skin condition mainly because of the fact that it was
    often misdiagnosed in the past. An excessive, sometimes unexplainable redness, ruddiness,
     and flakiness ultimately leads to the appearance of broken capillaries under the surface of
    the skin and a constant red and ruddy appearance. It is also often associated with acne-type
    bumps and pustules.
    What Causes Rosacea?
    A genetic propensity, particularly being of Northern European heritage can increase your chances for
    developing Rosacea and Rosacea-like symptoms. Triggers also play a very important role in
    understanding what can cause "flare-ups", those moments of flushing and redness that the sufferer
     can feel coming on. These triggers can be many things, most often alcohol, spicy or hot foods,
    stress, caffeine, chronic sun exposure, cold weather, and overly dry climates.
    Natural Treatment
    The only way to get long-term relief is to detoxify and build up your bodies, blood circulation, balance your hormones, build up your immune system.
    Best Treatment
    Key Ingredients
    Evening Primrose oil- Relieves inflammation, stimulates protein synthesis, repairs and improves dry flaky skin.
    Flax Seed oil- Improves the condition of skin and nails, reduce the inflammation of cells, helps promote cellular health and improve hormonal balance.
    Borage oil- Reduces skin inflammation, dryness, scaliness and itching.
    Zinc- Helps body to heal, most critical nutrient for a healthy immune system.
    Aloe Vera- Helps to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, makes skin softer, younger looking and less wrinkled. Used topically this is Rosacea's best treatment.
    Tea Tree oil- Anti- bacterial, anti- fungal, and anti- septic actions
    Chamomile oils- Oils penetrates deeply through the epidermal layers to relieve inflammation and stimulate healthy cellular regeneration.

    Zenmed- Rosacea Treatment

    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Absolutely Natural Makeup

    This is a Natural look using the quad eyeshadow from e.l.f in butternut.

    The first thing you want to do is to prime your eyelid with a primer, I use the e.l.f's mineral eye primer, Next you are going to add the lightest color all over your lid and uptowards your brow. Take the peach color and add it to your crease, then go over it with the lighter brown. After you blend it well, take the darkest brown and make a outer 'V' and blend towards your crease and upwards, you don't want any harsh lines.
    Take the lightest shade again and add a highlight under your brow bone.
    Take a liquid liner, I used e.l.f liquid liner in coffe, line your upper lashline and make a wing at the very end, take what's left on your brush and line half of your lower lash. Apply your favorite mascara.
    Apply a peach blush, and a nude color lipstick.