Saturday, November 13, 2010

Defining the Outer 'V'

I mention in my makeup tutorials to make a outer 'V', Here is a small diagram to help you, everyone has a different outer V, depending on their eye shape and bone structure.These are only guidelines, you have to find your own technique. I use a crease brush, but you can use a angle brush if you want to. After you have your outer V blend, and blend!
You always want to apply the darkest color for your outer V, and your lightest color in the inner eye.
If you don't have a crease, you can always pretend that you do and adding color to your socket area.
I hope this helps!


C.M. said...

What is the brush brand and type you used here? I've been looking for one like it!

MayelaH said...

hello I have a question related with eyebrows. My hair is black so my eyebrows are real dark too but I have to use special eyebrow make up (that one that is like eyeshadow) to make them look full and thick but my question is should I use the black color or dark brown color. Some people say balck eyebrows make your eyes look with an stronger expression but I think dark brown looks very contrasting with my real eyebrows. What do you recomend? thanx