Tuesday, November 02, 2010

How to Care for your Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes are the most important tool in your makeup bag. But most of us don't take proper care for them.
Dirty brushes are not only built up with residue from your makeup, but also with oils and dead skin cells – all of which can create a breeding ground for bacteria and leave you with an ugly breakout on your face.
Daily Brush Cleaner eyeslipsface.com $3
Brush Shampoo $3

I bought my daily brush cleaner from eyeslipsface.com
I love it! It works great to remove your daily makeup, but if you haven't cleaned them in a while I recommend using the Brush Shampoo.

All you do is spray the daily brush cleaner onto your brush and I use a white towel (can be bleached after) and just rub all the product out of my brush until nothing is left. Then just lay to dry.
Now when you get your new eyeshadow or blush color you have a clean brush to apply it with!

Small brush holder eyeslipsface.com $5

Now for storage, if you have your brushes in the bathroom have them in a roll up bag with different compartments. The heat from your shower can destroy the bristles. If you got kicked out of your bathroom like I did, I bought a brush holder, it's alot easier then having them in a roll up bag since I use them everyday.

 When you store your brushes make sure the handle is downwards, you don't want to damage your bristles.

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