Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Makeup for Mature women

My Mom requested this.
The makeup for a mature women should be classy and sophisticated.  It is because they have to be specific about the colors and texture of makeup they use.

By this age your eyebrows are sparser, redefine them with a powder, pencil or gel, similar in color to your natural hair color.

You don't want to use a heavy foundation, try a liquid foundation with moisturizer try Simply Ageless Covergirl if you use a blush try a cream instead of a powder. Simply ageless blush. Use a matte color two shades darker then your skin just under the chin to hide saggy neck.

You would want to avoid the wild colors, instead go for a mid range neutral colors instead, don't go over board with eye liner and mascara
Pinks, Greys, Browns Shades

Use a lip primer e.l.f lip primer or use a concealer close to your lips to avoid feathering. Choose graceful shades of lipstick, pay attention to the moisture and the fullness that it gives your lips.
Pink, Berry, Coral & Peach Shades.

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Dyna said...

I'm definitely taking this into consideration when I'm putting make up on my mum, Thanks xx