Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sugar Plum Fairy Holiday Look

Will sugar plum fairies danced in their heads. Now they dance on your eyes with this beautiful purple look.
I used the duo shadow in purple haze, black pencil liner, and a silver from the 32 palette.
Prime your eyes, if you have a purple base go ahead and apply it, I just used the pink from sugar cookie duo cream eyeshadow, Apply the lighest purple on half your lid, take the darkest one and apply it to your outer V and blend, bring it in until it meets the light purple. Then clean your blending brush off and drag the lighest purple all the way to the outer V. Apply a silver in the corner of your eye. Apply a highlighter (I use the lighest white in the 32 palette) Line your eyes with liner, you can wing it out if you want to, and line half of your lower lash. Take a crease brush and apply some dark purple under your lower lashes as well. Apply your favorite mascara.
Blush I used was glow (it's winter you don't want a pink) Lips just use a nude color of your choice.
Enjoy! Let me know how your look goes.


Pammy said...

Pretty! :)

Shabby makeup said...

Thanks. I really like it. It might be my christmas party look.