Thursday, December 23, 2010

e.l.f Studio Tinted Moisturizer review

From e.l.f's website
This lightweight and hydrating formula is breathable and provides anti-aging sun protection with UVA/UVB SPF 20. Achieve even skin tone and naturally radiant skin with this moisturizing sheer tint of color. The smooth formula enhances your complexion with the nourishing key ingredients Aloe, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E.

Left to Right- Porcelain, nude, beige, sand, almond, mocha, espresso
This moisturizer is perfect for mature skin, those who don't like wearing alot of coverage.
The color matches really good with my natural color, but I don't like it because I have blotchy skin and acne on my chin. So it doesn't do much for me.
It doesn't leave my skin oily, but my dry patches around my nose really come out, even with a moisturizer underneath.
But overall this is a great product for a sheer look.
When I opened my packaging the clear window was empty. I had to shake it. So you don't even get a full container of product, maybe only half. Which is a bummer.

My rating (scale 1-5 1- the worst, 5- the best)
Quality- 4.5
Packaging- 3
How long does it stay on- 3.5
Would I buy it again- maybe once my skin clears up, or for makeup on mature skin
Price $3 USD
Overall- It is a nice product with a SPF 20 which is great for the summer months, but if you want more coverage I would waste your time buying this.
Where to buy- e.l.f Canada/USA 


Dyna said...

great review shabby, I had my eye on this, do you have the regular line moisturiser, if you do, how do you think they compare? because I love the regular line moisturiser.

Shabby makeup said...

Well this one smells way better non of that orange smell! Honestly I rather use the regular line I find it had more coverage then this one!

Justine (Productrater) said...

I definitely noticed how you don't get the full tube, I know it's cheap and all, but it feels really light in your hand (like you don't get much product). I was disappointed in this product... did not blend very well.

Sarah said...

Tinted moisturizer aren't supposed to provide a lot of coverage. With that in mind, I like this as much as some of the department store brands I've used. Shabby is right though, you only get about half of a tube of it. Still, for only $3 it is a good price in my opinion. I use it for daily wear and have a heavier coverage for going out. It is great for around the house. This product and Avon's mascara are my daily staples. I have a history of basal cell carcinoma so that isn't enough SPF for outdoors, but it is okay for days I'll only be outdoors to run to pick up the kids. The porcelain color is one of the few I've found that is light enough for my very fair skin. I will be buying it again.