Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hair dying with Momma

When Mom and I were out shopping the other day, she told me that she wanted to go back to her natural hair color and to remove the blonde, I think she finally fell in love with her grey hair. So we searched and searched. We found a color that we both agreed on but the store only had one box and none in stock! so we had to keep looking and landed with Garnier Nutrisse Cream. Silly me didn't remember the color of dye we bought! The number is 43.

Part hair into four sections to color roots first.

Here are some tips that I learnt in my schooling and many many years of dying hair.
To color your hair you need:
Hair coloring kit
Wide-tooth comb
Latex gloves

Apply Vaseline all over your forehead, ears, and neck. No one likes a colored face! The hair color will wipe off easy without staining.

Colored applied to the roots.

Section your hair into 4, straight back and then by your ears. Take a inch section's of hair and apply your color to your roots leave on for 10 mins (25 mins if just for the roots), then you are going to apply the hair color the the rest of your hair. I like to start at the bottom on the head and work upwards. (whatever you find easy do it) I still take 1 inch sections and apply color all over and use my fingers to blend it into the hair.  After you apply your color to your whole head. You can use a shower cap or a plastic bag and cover your head. Leave on for the time length given usually 25 mins.

All colored! Looking really brown.

After your time is finished rinse out, but DO NOT WASH WITH SHAMPOO! Once water runs clear, apply the conditioner and leave on for 2-5 mins. Rinse with 'Cold' water to close the cuticle to keep your color from fading. You will notice your hair fading after you wash it a few days later, it would be a good idea to buy a color protection product. I like the pantene colored solutions.
Momma all finished. I have never seen her with dark hair or I can't remember if I have. She reminds me of my little sister and no the product was not a 100% grey coverage, you can still see a few but that's what she was going for.

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