Saturday, December 11, 2010

November Favorites

November has come and gone so it's time for the favorites I enjoyed using in the month.

Lets start with skin care:
St. Ives Cleanser- Made with Tea Tree, I noticed a great difference in my skin after I started using it, and you can actually feel the Tea Tree working! My skin feels nice and fresh, great for acne skin types
Olay Defenity pore redefining scrub- This is a different scrub then I usually use, unlike most scrubs this one foams along with the granules. The granules are small enough that they don't feel like they are digging into my skin. It feels wonderful! I use it twice a week.
e.l.f Zit Zapper- I use this on a regualar basis! It has a  blend of Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Camphor. No word of a lie, I can feel the tingle once it hits a 'Zit'. Once I apply it I let it sit for about 10 mins before I apply my moisturizer, then I know it's absorbed into my skin.

Annabelle- Skin True foundation in natural ivory, My skin doesn't look or feel oily like it does with some foundations, it leaves a matte look you really don't need powder, with this foundation. Great coverage.
Rimmel- Lasting finish intense wear- airy fairy 070. I use this lipstick if I just want a natural look, it's a great conditioning lipstick, goes on smooth and smells great.
e.l.f- Powder Brush- OMG! This is my favorite brush from them. It's so smooth and my skin doesn't feel like it's on fire when I use it like it does with other brushes. You get great coverage with this brush, I use it with my pressed powders.
e.l.f- 32 pc palette, I used this alot in November, and some colors I loved will other were just ok. I love the size of the mirror, I pretty much use it with evey look and great for putting eyeliner on. They go on smooth and feel very silky. Some are shimmer and matte, I wish there were more matte colors.

But those were my favorites for November. What were your favorite products for November?


Dyna said...

awesome favourites. I also have the 32 palette and powder brush and elf. even the zit zapper lol. I just adore that company. I love the way airy fairy looks like, I have my eye on rimmel lipsticks lately and even revlon. lol i mix those to up.

Pammy said...

I have Airy Fairy lipstick and *totally* adore it! Such a pretty color. I also love the elf brush...yes, its so soft and gives a flawless finish! I have that 32 palette, but havent opened it yet. Great list! I have my favs posted on my blog. :)

Catanya said...

Great list of favourites, darling!!
I am particularly in love with that eyeshadow palette, it looks so beautiful!
New follower here!

Shabby makeup said...

Welcome!!! That palette is amazing, I bought the 100 pc palette and I'm gonna do a review soon.