Sunday, January 02, 2011

My Mom's elf Haul

When  I went to my mommas house this weekend, she had her elf order to show me. I also wanted to share with you what she bought. It's not a full review because I only used them once, but from what I've seen I'll share.

1. Cream Blush- Flirt and Tease.
I never touched a cream blush before so I didn't know what to expect.
This one feels like a sponge. Nice and creamy and smooth. The color is great, you can built it up to how ever dark you want or go for a natural look. I really like these blushes!

2. Mineral Glow- Shimmer, Bronzer
These are really smooth. The bronzer has NO Shimmer. It's perfect to contour or use in the winter for a bronzer. The shimmer is perfect for a highlighter, it reflects the light beautifully.

 3. Mineral Lip Gloss- Fierce, Au Naturale
It is a sheer gloss, so you can wear it alone or over top of a lipstick. It glides on smooth, without being tacky.

 4. Mineral Lipstick- Runway pink
I love this lipstick! It glides smooth, it hydrates your lips. The pink is a nice natural color.
Mom wore this with the au naturale lip gloss over top and it looked beautiful!
I hope you enjoyed mom's first elf haul. I was excited to use the new blush! Can't wait to buy one. They also stay on if you just was with water, it wouldn't come off my hand! Great product


Silverstargirl said...

Lovely Haul

blushes are so gorgeous

Leah said...

I've been looking for a bronzer without shimmer, and couldn't find one for the life of me. Now I know where to get it. thx!

Madiha said...

Great haul! I so wanna try elf products but they don't ship to my country!! :(

goodnufranch said...

the blushes were very intimidating when they arrived. but they both look great on. I try not to wear a whole lot of makeup-more of a natural look. Ms Shabby (aka my daughter, Cass)assured me they would look great, and of course she was correct!!!

Dyna said...

I'm so jealous, I have to buy from elf's uk site - i love their customer service don't get me wrong. But the prices are way cheaper from the US. Plus you get all the great offers - BTW if you like their facebook page you get all the info about their offers :) just wanted to make sure you know about that. I would love to get tease cream blush - but they haven't launched it in the uk. Would you describe it more of a brown, or a corally orange ? I'm lusting for it haha