Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Project 10 pan!

What is Project 10 pan?
You have to use up 10 products before purchasing anything new.
It can be a foundation..lipstick..lipgloss..blusher..eyeshadow or eyeliner...anything like that.
Has to be all used up for it to count.

The big question is...who is with me?!

Here is my Project 10 pan

e.l.f- concealer, clarifying pressed powder

e.l.f- translucent matifying powder
youngblood- ultimate concealer
e.l.f- hypershine gloss

e.l.f- mineral eyeshadow primer, Brightening Eye Liner

Rimmel-Max Volume Flash
e.l.f- all over stick

So there you have it, most things will be used up fairly quickly (powder, concealer) while others not (eyeliner)

I will do another post after I use up half and then again after everything is gone.
Can't wait!


Ginger Coquine said...

I'm on the Project 10 Pan too! I find it hard to use the same product constantly for a little while to finish it up... Do you feel the same? X3

goodnufranch said...

I would like to do Project 10 Pan, but it would take me forever to use anything up. I don't wear makeup everyday....cows don't care what I look like!

Shabby makeup said...

You could always do a 5 pan instead, and if it takes you the whole year then it takes you a whole year. Just pick products that you already hit pan or products that are half used, or forgotten products.