Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring 2011 Makeup Trends

Lips: All about the bold!
Hot pink, Red, Orange, Violet

Eyes: Brighter is Better!
Yellow, Pink, Orange, Neon Green, Purple

Skin: Nude and Dewy!
Dewy skin is possibly one of the trickiest make up trends this season. The key component is a rich tinted moisturiser (choose one close to your skin tone) and plenty of highlighter brushed onto the cheekbones.

Daytime Smokes
Blacks and greys or dark blue

Which trend are you going to try?


andy said...

I love the lips, very gorgeous, but it's too bold!I don't dare to try it :P The daytime smokes are eternal, i love it!!

Evinde said...

I'm gonna try all of 'em!:D I LOVE smokey eyes but I hate it when people are staring at me if I wear it as an everyday makeup.I also like bright colours on the lips & eyes!This Spring would be awesome. :D

Dyna said...

Thanks for sharing, I love colours and smokey eyes, so this is perfect for me. :D

Shabby makeup said...

I'm really loving the bright eye colors, I'm not brave enough for bright blue (reminds me of mimi from drew carey show lol)