Thursday, April 14, 2011

Basic Makeup Kit for Beginners

A basic makeup kit for beginners is pretty much for those who are just starting out or want to build a kit for freelancing.
So I've compiled a list of the basic's that I feel everybody needs in their makeup kit.

1. Concealer/Corrector: This is one thing that I feel every single person out there can benefit from, it just makes a HUGE difference. Use concealer if your undereye circles aren't too dark, and corrector if they are really severe.

2. Foundation/Tinted Moisurizer: I would recommend a liquid foundation because it goes on beautifully and gives the skin a glowy look which powder just doesnt do. If your skintone is mostly alright (not many blemishes, uneven colouring, etc) go for a light to medium coverage. Otherwise, use a full coverage foundation.

3. Powder: I highly recommend getting a pressed or loose powder which you can use to set your concealer and foundation - this is essential to getting your makeup to stay on. I would personally recommend a pressed powder for beginners because loose powders can be a bit difficult to handle.

4. Eyeshadow: I would say invest in some basic neutrals - blacks, browns, skintone colours, highlight colours... Definitely have a look at some pre-made palettes because you get great value for money and lots of shades in one palette. You will probably find a good neutral palette by most brands! But MUST HAVES are black, dark brown, your skin tone colour and colours a couple of shades darker and lighter than your skintone!

5. Eyeliner: I would say have one basic black or dark brown (try them both out and see which looks better - black is more strong, brown looks subtle) pencil, and one liquid/gel formula as well. Gels are much easier to work with, in my opinion.

6. Mascara: I would recommend a natural mascara for day wear and a more dramatic one for night time. Either in Black or Brown.

7. Blush: Opt for powder... much more workable. For daytime, have a nice soft baby pink/rose pink (the pink can be cool or warm depending on whether you're cool toned or warm toned).

8. Lip stuff: Have one lip pencil which is the exact same colour of your lips. As far as lipsticks and lipglosses go, play around! Get your basic pinks and browns of course, but see if you like something else too.

9. Brushes: If your just starting out I would recommend going with e.l.f's 11 piece brush set. They are super soft and $30 usd.

You don't need to buy the expensive makeup, drugstore makeup is just fine, you don't want to go broke while building your kit.
I hope this helps. Happy Makeup Shopping!

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