Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day how are you going to show your love?

-I plan on giving my lawn some much needed TLC, since all the snow is melted and the ground is dry, I'm gonna rake and maybe cut it.
-We are going to recycle our old tube tv.
-Going shopping at the local thrift store for some clothes for lil shabby, and see what other goodies I come across
-Not letting the car sit in idle for more then 10 seconds when we are parked outside of a store
-I already clean with biodegradable cleaning products (I buy mine from Shopper's Drug Mart)
-I am going to wear mineral makeup today
-Also I'm going for a nice walk today!

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Natalie - Bokeh Face Cosmetics said...

Well, it's a little past Earth Day, but I'm making use of my clothesline today since it's so beautiful out!