Sunday, April 10, 2011

Missing In Action

Sorry that I haven't blogged in a while, but I am helping my sister out while she goes in for surgery, she wont be home for four day's so I hope to get some blogs finished and some makeup looks up. maybe even some nail tutorials.
But I'm still here I haven't gone anywhere! And remember if you have a request please let me know!
I plan on some wedding makeup looks for bride and the bridesmaids.
Easter Nails
Dramatic makeup looks
Everyday makeup looks
And a few reviews also!
I am also excited because I reached 200 followers! Thank you so much!


Pammy (PammyBlogsBeauty) said...

Congrats on 200 followers! I look forward to your reviews and makeup looks! :)

anton said...

Nice blog shebby. I love to see more from you on about make up tips and it's strategy.

Love, B said...

I hope your sister does well with her surgery :).