Monday, May 23, 2011

Review- Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer
A heavy duty multi-use concealer that provides ultimate coverage.
Formula blends flawlessly into skin. Hide everything from dark circles and blemishes to tattoos.

Comes in three shades, light, medium, dark in a 0.71 oz tube, this will last you a long time! You DON'T need alot of this product to cover dark circles or blemishes. A little will go a long way. But it may be to thick for covering the dark circle I would use the pencil.
I like how it comes with a pencil and the tube of concealer.

Now for the tattoo covering it works well but my fiancee has lighter skin tone so keep that in mind while looking at the photos.

Before we started to cover
And after: To Hide Tattoos- Line edge with pencil and fill in with concealer you many need 2-3 layers, cover with a matte powder.
We used 3 layers and I'm sure if it was the lighter shade it wouldn't look so bad, but it does cover.
After we washed the concealer off with a makeup remover cloth, it's so thick that if you were to do a bigger tattoo you may be washing it off for a while

My Rating Scale 1-5 1-the worst, 5-the best
Quality- 4
Packaging- 4.5 I love the design on the box and product
How long does it stay on- All day
Would I buy it again- Yes in the lighter shade
Price- $5.98 CAN
Overall- It's a great concealer to cover a tattoo but it might be to thick to use for dark circles you might want to use the pencil for the face
Where to buy- Walmart


VijiiS said...

Wow! It definitely looks like it covered up the tattoo!

Shabby makeup said...

that it does!

Shabby makeup said...
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Jamie said...

yer on crack kid if you think Maddie and I are covering yours up for the wedding

Dyna said...

awh thank you so much for sharing sweety .... this looks brilliant .. I thought medium was darker.. but I think it would suit me just fine xD

Shabby makeup said...

I was expecting it to be darker too, but I held the light and medium next to each other and the light was really light, I'm sure the light would be good for winter months