Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review- St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub

This has to be one of the best scrub's I have tried in all my life!!
I found this when I bought the cleanser in Walmart for $4.77.
I use this daily in the evening and my skin is so soft afterwards. The scrub is way better then the Apricot scrub, this scrub has micro srubbers, it's perfect for sensitive skin. It doesn't burn or feel like your scrubbing your skin off.
It has the same smell as the cleanser, and come is a tube.
I even used it as a mask and left it on for 10 mins and my skin looked healthier and a few of my blemishes went down in size.

My Rating Scale 1-5 (1-the worst 5-the best)
Quality- 5
Packaging- 5
How long does it stay on- you can leave it on for 10 mins or wash it off right away

Would I buy it again- YES
Price- $4.77 CAN

Overall- This is a perfect scrub for sensitive skin or people who don't like harsh scrubs
Where to buy- I found mine at Walmart, but wherever St. Ives is sold
(It may not be available in every country you may have to wait like I had too)

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