Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Review- elf mineral moisturizing lip balm

Blush, Cherry

Blush, Cherry
Nourish, pamper and treat lips with this super emollient, lip quenching color.
This is the newest item for elf's Mineral line.
It is a tinted lip balm with a spf 8, perfect for summer months, were you don't want to wear alot of makeup.
I really like these, you get a very light tint to your lips and it last's a really long time and if you do lick your lips like me, it tastes good (in a lip balm kinda way)
You lips are super moisturized once you apply it.
They have 8 shades to choose from. It comes in a nice black tube with a twist bottom.
I might just have to get more for summer!

My Rating (Scale 1-5 1-the worst, 5-the best)
Quality- 4.5
Packaging- 5
How long does it stay on- It stays on for a good time unless you lick it off of course
Would I buy it again- YES!
Price- $3 USD
Overall- It is a great lip balm and the fact that it comes in 8 colors and has a spf makes it perfect for summer.
Where to buy- e.l.f usa


Brittany Love said...

These look lovely! Just the kinda goodies I've been after! :) xxx

www.Victoria-Gabrielle.com said...

they look fab! lovely shades x

Dyna said...

Oh I have my eye on guava but good to know the texture's really good :D Thank you so much for the review hun xx