Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shabby's Bachelorette Party

Jamie (sis), Mom, Maddie (sis) and Me

Jamie, Mom, Mom in law, Maddie, Me and Angel 

Hubby to be rented us a hummer limo big surprise!!

Me and Maddie

Me and Jamie

Sister Love


I had a blast! We had a passion's party me and my sister (Jamie) were so bad, I felt sorry for the lady that was telling us about everything. I'm sure she will never be the same.
I was really surprised when Hubby to be came home and said that he rented us a Limo to one of the clubs we were suppose to be a VIP treatment but I'm not sure what happened cause we didn't get any treatment! But we must be all old cause we didn't last very long in the club I even got dad and my brother to come!
I can't wait to see everyone on Saturday.

So my blog posting's are going to be limited this week and most parts of next week with getting last minute stuff done for the wedding.

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