Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review- Sally Hansen Crackle Nail Polish

I was really excited when I found this at Walmart! I had my eyes on the China Glaze and OPI crackle polish but never bought any.
So I bought a Sally Hansen Crackle Polish for $6!
I comes in 8 different shades

I love all the color's and it was so hard to pick just one! So I went with my favorite color Pink.
I was really impressed with this polish, it crackles right away so make sure you get enough polish on, because you don't want to make more then one pass.
I have a light pink for my base, if I had a black or a dark purple I'm sure it would look better.
I really recommend getting this polish, I might even grab more.
The price is perfect! I'm not sure where else you can find it because I have only seen it at walmart for the first time on Tuesday.
If you have tried this polish what do you think of it?

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