Wednesday, November 03, 2010

32 palette from e.l.f Review

Each color is starting on the left of the palette going down and to the right.

I have mixed feelings about this palette.
Some color's show up great while others don't look like anything was added. Some were very chalky, silky, shimmer and matte. But lucky for me the ones that are too chalky I really don't use. I noticed the matte ones are the least pigmented, while the shimmer ones went on smoother and with more pigment.
The purple and pink row 3, you need to have a color base underneath just so the color shows up better.
It's a good palette for those who are starting out, or for those who want to build their makeup collection.
I would have to rate this product 3/5 lipsticks.


MissNazal said...

i wouldnt buy that palette, has too many browns, I hate browns,lol....I'll stick to their triangle quads.

Shabby makeup said...

I'm not a big fan of brown either but you never know when you have brown days lol

AnneHoang said...

hi is the 100 elf palette better the 32 one? x

Shabby makeup said...

Hi Anne I really like the 100 palette you have way more selection for shadows. But the 32 palette is good for traveling. And the 100 has both matte and shimmer the 32 mostly has shimmer.