Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My e.l.f makeup collection

This is my e.l.f collection!
I have more to come for Christmas it's sitting on my desk and it's driving me crazy cause I can't open anything until Christmas!!!
Now you know why I got moved out of the bathroom, we ended up buying a used desk and I'm soon gonna run out of room, I might have to buy a storage container on wheels and store in my closet! You are probably thinking 'there is no way she uses that much makeup!' Well you would be half right, I don't use it all the time but sometimes I get bored with my eyeliner and use the liquid or gel, or get used to one color that I have to change it up a bit.
I usually order more products every other month, but so far it's been every month!
I'll be placing another order this month I will do a haul after Christmas and give you a tour of my makup desk.

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