Friday, November 05, 2010

Date Makeup

My palette looks rough, it's been moved around alot!
This would make a beautiful Date Look. With lovely pink and dark blue.
Eyes- 78 palette from coastal scents, e.l.f eye primer, e.l.f cream eyeliner- black, Rimmel Max volume flash- black.
Face- e.l.f radiance blusher- glow
Lips- e.l.f plumbing lip gloss- oasis

With your eyeshadow brush, take the light pink and apply it to your inner eye, make sure you get enough on that you can tell it's pink. Next take the darker pink and apply it just to your middle. Take your crease brush and dip it into the dark blue and make a V and blend into your crease, I also added some black to the blue just a little bit and blend.
Take a highlight color and apply it under your brow and blend in the the blue, we don't want any harsh lines.
Line your eyes with a gel liner and wing it out a bit, go over with black shadow, to make sure your liner stays all day. Apply your favorite mascara, and you can add false lashes if you want to.

Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks.
Apply your lip gloss.
Enjoy and have a fabulous date!

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