Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Gradient Nails

I love the look of Gradient Nails! I seen them on Jelena's Blog Here and had to try it. This was my first attempt.
I used a orly polish in Garnet Truth, and a top coat fro e.l.f.  It works best with a light color.
First you paint your free edge, I did two coats because this polish is very light. Then you add another layer half way down your nails and go over your free edge, just once. Your last layer is very light make sure you don't have a lot of product on the brush and go all the way to your free edge, before it dries apply your top coat all over the nail. You can what ever colors you want, it goes the same if you choose many colors, your dark goes on first, then your medium color, then light. Simple right?!.
Let me know how yours turned out!


makeupfan said...

Very nice, well done! :-)

Shabby makeup said...

Thank you! It was easier then I thought.