Monday, December 13, 2010

SPAresource Facial Care Kit- Review

I found this at Walmart (Canada) for $8! you can also find it at SPAresource, I'm sure you can find a similar one somewhere if you don't have a walmart.

Benefits: use cleansing sponge with face wash for an invigorating all over clean. Exfoliating brush lightly scrubs away dead skin cells revealing softer, smoother skin. Massage rollers help to relax and tone.
Facial Sponge, Massager, Exfoliating Brush
I was amazed at this product, I really felt a difference and so did Mr.Shabby, his quote "it feels like after I shave". So I guessing that's a good thing.
It's so easy to use you have two speeds high and low.
I like to start off on low and work up to high with the facial sponge, the exfoliate brush stays on low. I can feel a little burning feeling on my cheeks from the exfoliate brush, it may be soft but it definitely works!
The massage rollers ahh heaven! It's so relaxing, just apply some moisturizer on your face and massage away, feels like I went for a facial at a spa. My skin looks so much cleaner, gets into those open pores really good and now I have a healthy glow.
It takes 3 AA batteries. It's not that heavy either.
I would definitely recommend any sort of facial brush kit to anyone, it might be on a few gift list's for family members.

5 out of 5

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Morena said...

I just bought this today! I think it's such a great deal and a definite dupe for the more expensive exfoliating kits.