Saturday, January 01, 2011

TAG: 15 Random Facts about Me

The lovely Dyna has tagged me!

Rules: Come up with 15 random facts about yourself and share them with the blog world!
After doing this post tag 5 other bloggers to do this!

Here are my 15 facts:

1. My ultimate favorite color is PINK! if I could I would paint my whole house pink! Even my household cleaning products are pink.
2. My favorite flavor of chips are dill pickle, well ok any flavor that comes in dill pickle is my favorite! I have two jars of pickles in my fridge.
3. I used to hate wearing makeup!!! 
4. I still want to open my own bakery or a cupcake shop. I got turned down from culinary school :(
5. I love to sew! Just little projects like blankets, curtains etc
6. My whole wedding is a DIY! I'm even planning our supper menu. I'm baking our wedding cake, I made most of the decor. The theme is Shabby Chic. I even ordered my wedding dress online without trying it on!
7. I don't have my drivers!!! I get bugged all the time from Mr.Shabby maybe this summer who knows.
8. I am a home body. I hate visiting people, I rather just stay home. I guess it's from the many years growing up on the farm.
9. My one and only best friend I meet in grade 5! and no matter how long we don't talk to each other we know we are there for each other.
10. I am right handed.
11. I am not into big name labels, I shop at walmart, wearhouse one and online
12. I love to make homemade cards with my momma.
13. I wish I grew up in the 1950's 60's. I love their dresses and how the kitchen appliances come in pink.
14. I have never broke any bones, and I only got one stitch so far. I was mad about that! I wanted to go my whole life without a stitch! I'm sure the doc could have glued it but whatever.
15. I used to have braces on, my older sister and I had them on at the same time, we even changed the colors of the rings to match the season's and holidays. I still have one crocked tooth on the bottom from not wearing my retainer. 

Here are the 5 blogs that I'm tagging
1. Vanity
2. Pammy blogs beauty
3. Makeup on time
4. Good nuf ranch
5. Divaesque Diva


Dyna said...

thanks for doing the tag :) I just gave you an award on my blog xxx

Shabby makeup said...

Thank you!!!

Leah said...

You tagged me! I'm so honored :) Nice facts, I'm not as interesting as u are.. lol