Saturday, March 05, 2011

Review Soap and Glory~ Scrub your nose in it

Soap and Glory is available in the UK and Canada If your in Canada you can find it in Shopper drug marts. If your in the UK you can find it in Boots, Harvey Nichols,

Ok so this product is very different, it's a 2 in 1 product. You can use it as a scrub or a mask. It comes in a 115 ml -3.8 us FL. oz squeeze tube.

Quite possibly the world’s most perfectly formulated scrub for large, clog-inclined complexions, our Scrub Your
Nose In It™ is not only an impressive exfoliator, it can multi-task as a mask. It helps refine large pores and prevent blemishes. Its special fruit-acid formula leaves skin looking bright and more radiant.
- Soap and Glory Website's

So I've been using this product for 2 weeks and I can already see a difference in my pores. I didn't follow their directions they say to massage into the t-zone but I use it all over my face. It's a gentle scrub and you can actually feel it go to work, it starts to 'tingle' after about a minute on the skin. It doesn't burn or anything. I haven't used it as a mask yet, just a scrub.

It's a really fine scrub finner then berry sugar.
When I first squeezed the product out onto my hand it reminded me of the cleaning product comet
I know I'm weird but trust me it's not comet!

What’s inside that counts?
- Diatomaceous Earth: a highly refined and purified earthy ‘dirt’ that gently lefts dead cells and debris while
scrubbing the skin and stimulating circulation
- Montmorillite Clay: a soft, white purified clay that absorbs excess oils
- Super Fruit Acids: to dissolve the glue that makes dead cells stick to the surface of the skin
- Soap and Glory website

Diatomaceous Earth
Montmorillite Clay
Super Fruit Acids

My Rating (Scale 1-5 1-the worst, 5-the best)
Quality- 5
Packaging- 4.5
How long does it stay on- I'm gonna change to how long does it last- It will last you quit sometime if you use it as a t-zone scrub you only use a pea sized amount or a nickle for the whole face.
Would I buy it again- YES!
Price- $12.99 CAN
Overall- I really love this product! I've tried many and this one really works, I will continue to buy this product until they don't make it or sell it anymore!
Where to buy- Shoppers Drug mart- CAN, Boots, Harvey Nichols, UK
Not available in the USA yet

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