Monday, May 30, 2011

Month of May Haul

So I'm going to be posting one haul at the end of every month, instead of boring you the whole month with a few items. I will be doing reviews on everything so I won't be saying much about the products until I use them more.
Really the only time I buy items are if they are on sale, so most items I'm posting were on sale.

Hard Candy- Glamoflauge concealer
Maybelline- One by One Uolum Express Mascara
I bought them both at walmart
LA Coupe- Flexible fix hairspray, Frizz- Free Curl Shaping Mousse, Replenish masque intensive repair treatment.
Balea- Waterproof makeup remover, Purifying, Hydrating facial mask's
All of these were on sale.
Rimmel- Vinyl Gloss 180-No Regrets, 110-Keep a secret, Moisture renew 180-Vintage pink, 200-Latino
The Gloss was buy one get one free and the lipsticks were on sale.

So overall it was a very good month for a haul, I can't wait to give you a review for each one. Stay tuned for next month's haul.


Dyna said...

OMG. You got that hard candy concealer. I have being eyeing it for the longest time ever. But the only accessible method for me is ebay.. and I'm eyeing the light one and I don't know if it has yellow undertones to it to cancel my under eye circles. I am sooo looking forward for your review :D

Awesome haul xD

Shabby makeup said...

The one I have is a medium and it has a yellow tone, my review for that is listed below, if I see it at walmart I can grab it for you. But it's always a hit and miss but I'll keep my eyes open