Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bokeh Face Haul

 So I may have went overboard with samples, I bought her blogger special, and there are a few that I will be getting the full size jar of. So this posting is very pic heavy!
 Amazing Blush- Glam
 Foundation- Pale/Med, Medium
 Eyeshadow- Glass Slipper
 Eyeshadow- Fish & Mint, Locavore, Flippie Floppie
Eyeshadow- Dark Chocolate, Melted Chocolate, Alps, Swiss Army Knife
 Eyeshadow- Peachsicle, Banana Popsicle, Lumpy Space Princess

Here are the swatches
 Left to Right
Flippie Floppie, Locavore, Fish & Mint, Peachsicle, Banana Popsicle, Lumpy Space Princess
 Left to Right
Glass Slipper, Swiss Army Knife, Alps, Melted Chocolate, Dark Chocolate
Left to Right
Foundation Medium, Pale/Med, Blush- Glam (in sunlight has a nice sparkle to it)

I think I'm addicted to Bokeh Face! Make sure you enter the giveaway Here to get your very own eyeshadows.
I'll try and get some makeup looks up using the new colors.

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