Sunday, June 12, 2011

E.l.f Natural Nymph and Nostalgic

 Natural Nymph and Nostalgic
Natural Nymph and Nostalgic

Nostalgic is more peach rather then a nude color, It looks really good with lip gloss over it.
Natural Nymph is very nude compared to the Nostalgic.
So if you don't want a very nude but yet a nude I would go with Nostalgic.


Dyna said...

Thank you so much for this comparison!! Very helpful indeed. I'm soooo getting this now - and the flirtatious and captivating one too!! :D Now all I have to do is wait for the UK stock up and launch these. xD

Shabby makeup said...

haha they are really nice color's I haven't worn any other one yet but maybe today I will. Hopefully they come to you soon!