Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Makeup tips

Natural makeup is perfect for summer, bronze powder, matte eyeshadows, creamy lipstick, and pastels are perfect for the hot period of the year.

Say no to foundation:
Instead use a tinted moisturizer with a spf, it will give you some coverage but wont melt off in the heat.
Replace foundation with a powder, choose a light, smooth texture.
Bronze powder:
Avoid using bronze powder just after applying moisturizer. It will make it more difficult to apply. Skin should be dry. Apply to forehead, nose bridge, cheeks, a bit on the chin and neck.
For more natural look use a creamy and smooth, fluid texture and warm colors. 
At the Beach:
Beach makeup doesn't have to forbidden, instead apply a light coat of waterproof mascara, then a lipgloss in a shimmery shade.


carissakuo said...

love the tips! if you have anymore, definitely keep them coming! :)

Shabby makeup said...

Thanks! I'll be posting alot more tips.