Saturday, August 06, 2011

Oils for your skin

Do not be afraid of applying oil to your face. Oil, alone, will not bring you blemishes. Pimples, cysts, zits, blackheads, whiteheads...these are a result of several different factors including hormones, bacteria, dead skin cells and the buildup of these factors.
Fact: Oil dissolves oil. One of the most basic principals of chemistry is that "like dissolves like." The best way to desolve a non-polar solvent like sebum/oil, is by using another non-polar solvent similar in composition: Other oils. By using the right oils, you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively, while replacing the dirty oil with beneficial ones extracted from natural botanicals, vegetables and fruit that heal, protect and nourish your skin. When done properly and consistently, the OCM can clear the skin from issues like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blackheads, whiteheads and other problems caused by mild to moderate acne--while leaving your skin healthy, balanced and properly moisturized.

Cleansing is the most important step of your skin-care regimen, so you want to make sure that you are not using an aggressive sufactant that would strip the good oils from your skin. Most skin imbalances are caused by overcleansing of the skin, since we have been contitioned to believe that only harsh, foamy cleansers are effective. This creates a whole host of problems as the skin tries to correct itself. 

Clarifying Cleansing Oil
This cleansing oil contains antiseptic essential oils to eliminate black-heads. The vegetal oil is perfect for removing oil-based makeup.
1 1/2 ounces apricot kernel oil
10 drops rosemary essential oil
6 drops lavender essential oil
4 drops cypress essential oil
1/2 ounce jojoba oil
2 ounce glass bottle
If you have oily or acne-prone skin you may worry about putting oil on your skin. But what you may not realize is that oil actually removes oil. Futhermore, the two base oils used in this recipe, Hazelnut and Apricot Kernel, are two of the lighest-weight astringent oils. Tea Tree Oil helps to break down hardened sebum and is well known for its strong antibacterial qualities. Rosemary, a strong skin-cell-regenerating oil, combines nicely with the toning properties of Lemon and Juniper
1 ounce hazelnut oil
6 drops rosemary essential oil
5 drops juniper essential oil
5 drops tea tree essential oil
4 drops lemon essential oil
1 ounce apricot kernel oil

2 ounce glass bottle
Pour hazelnut oil in bottle. Add essential oils, close bottle, and roll between palms to disperse the oils. Top of with apricot kernel oil, close bottle and agitate a second time.
Cleanse and tone skin. Apply 3 to 4 drops to a cotton pad or fingertips and wipe over entire face. 

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