Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Contour and Highlight Face

 Every wanted to make your face look slimmer but didn't want plastic surgery? Well it's easier then you thought!
Create a slender nose, sleeker jawline, and all-over slimmer face. With these simple tricks.
First thing, you want to find a foundation or a bronzer two shades darker then your skin tone. I really like the contour/blush palette from e.l.f. It's $3 usd and wont brake the bank.
Then you want a highlighter. I really like the healthy glow bronzer in luminance from e.l.f. It's $1 usd.

1. To contour your nose- Apply bronzer to either side of your nose, if your nose slops downwards a trick is to create a v shape at the end of your nose. Make sure you blend everything so you don't have harsh lines.
2. To contour your cheeks- If you suck in your cheeks, hopefully you can see your cheekbones. That is where you need to contour. Sweep all the way from the hairline and stopping an inch before your mouth.
3. To contour your forehead- If you have a predominant forehead, apply the product to the top of the head and into the hairline.
4. To contour your double chin- Apply product onto your jawline and under the ears, and bring the product down your neck.
5. To highlight your nose- Bring the product straight down the bridge of you nose.
6. To highlight your cheeks- Apply the product on your cheek bone, after your blush.

~Use the picture above to help you place your contour and highlight.
~You can also add highlight to the top of your lip to create a fuller lip.
~Make sure you go to the hairline! Or you will be able to tell.


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