Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review- E.l.f Studio Bronzer

 Create a healthy looking glow all year round! The sheer soft powders provide the perfect hue of color. Blend all 4 colors together to achieve a blend of perfection or choose your favorite color or colors to mix, match and blend.

This bronzer comes in three different shades
Warm Bronzer- The warm shimmer that will bring a glow to your face. Ideal for summer or year-round.
Cool Bronzer- The ideal selection of matte colors to achieve a natural looking tan. Ideal for winter or year-round.
Golden Bronzer- An illuminating shimmer that is subtle and radiant. Ideal for summer or year-round.

Warm, Cool, Golden.  
 This is a great bronzer palette, if you don't want to use all the shades just pick and choose. I use the lightest color for my highlighter, and then I mix the other three for a nice shimmer bronze look but only in the summer. I wouldn't really use the golden shades in the winter because they do have shimmer.
It even works great for eyeshadow for a great bronze look.
The formula is great! Nice and soft and shows the pigment really well.
You can find the bronzer at E.l.f for $3 usd

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