Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pirate Halloween Look

 Arr, Me Hearty! It's a pirate look!
This one is just a simple smokey eye with some bronze shimmer!
I used the E.l.f 32 eyeshadow palette.
1. Apply a light brown all over your lid and bring it to your eyebrow.
2. Take a med brown and apply it to your eyelid, don't add to your crease.
3. Take a dark brown and add to your crease and blend.
4. Take a black and apply only to your lid and blend, if you want it darker add more.
5. Take a bronze and apply only in the middle of your eyelid and blend lightly.
6. Line your lash line with a thin line of black liner and blend.
7. Line your lower water line, and squeeze your eyes shut so the black transfers to your upper water line.
8. Take the dark brown and smudge on your lower lash line. 
9. Take a really dark bronzer and apply to your cheeks, temples, forehead, and on your jaw line. We want to create a 'dirty' look.
10. Apply either a nude or a red lipstick.

You can use this look for a Vampire too, just pale out your skin and make your eyes darker and use the red lipstick.


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Rakhshanda said...

love your eye makeup, you look gorgeous<3