Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tinker Bell/ Fairy Halloween Makeup

 My niece is planning on being either Tinker Bell or a Fairy for Halloween. So I decided to make a look that she can somewhat wear.
 This look takes a lot of green eyeshadow and I used the 100 palette from E.l.f
Apply your foundation, concealer and powder.
If you have a green eyeshadow cream base apply it, if not just use a  eyeshadow primer.
1. Apply a light green eyeshadow (1) to the inner half of your eyelid.
2. Next apply a lime green eyeshadow (2) to your outer half.
3. For your crease, take a small amount of a teal green eyeshadow (3) and blend, blend to your outer corner of your brow.
4. Mix a emerald green and darker green eyeshadow (4) and blend on your outer crease and blend to your outer brow.
5. For a highlight take a yellow eyeshadow (5) under your brow and blend.
6. Take a shimmer white and apply a small amount under your brow and inner corner of you eye.
7. For a extra glow in your inner eyelid apply a small amount of yellow.
8. Take a white eyeliner and apply it to your lower inner eye. Apply a white shadow over top.
9. Line your lid with a liquid liner creating a high wing. Apply black eyeliner to your water line. Apply the emerald green to the outer lower lash line.
10. Apply false lashes
11. Apply a pink blush. I used E.l.f cream blush in Flirt
12. Apply a shimmer pink lipstick. I used NYC lipstick in Pink gold.
For some pixie dust. I added some gems and used lash glue to make them stay. Then I took some glitter and applied it to the tops of my cheeks and around the gems.



Anonymous said...

That's a lovely pretty look. Love the green colour you used

herroyalbleakness said...

Very pretty!

Shabby makeup said...

Thank you! I had fun with this look.