Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rag Doll/Baby Doll Halloween Makeup

 Being a Rag Doll or a Baby Doll for Halloween? It's easier then you think! Just take's time applying everything.
1. I used Annabell Skin true foundation in Natural Ivory- One shade lighter, if your already light then just use your reg foundation.
2. Conceal all redness, breakouts and under the eyes. I used Youngblood concealer in Light
3. Powder your face using a white powder. E.l.f HD powder works great.
4. Apply a shimmer white on your entire lid all the way to the brow, and a med brown just above your crease. I used E.l.f 32 eyeshadow palette. Top row for colors.
5. Now we want to make your eyes look wider. Draw using a white eyeliner like NYC eyeliner in white, underneath your lower lashes, and make sure you cover the lashes in white too. Then apply a white shadow over top.
6.Apply your lashes. Dramatic ones on top and Natural just under the white. I drew a black line to make it look like I drew on my 'water' line. (It feels weird having lashes on your face lol) Apply a liquid eyeliner to your top lashes and rounding it. E.l.f Liquid eyeliner Black
7. Apply a pink blush to the apples and blend lightly upwards. I used E.l.f cream blush in Flirt.
8. Conceal your lips and draw a heart shape using a lip liner. I used Annabelle lip liner in Fuchsia. Fill in with lipstick. E.l.f Essential lipstick in Sociable.
You can add freckles if you want too, using a brown eyeliner.



Amber said...

Very cute...This would be a great idea for a makeup beginner too!

Halloween makeup said...

That's cute! i love your idea on halloween makeup. thanks for sharing!