Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Favorite Brushes

Left to Right
Slanted Liner, Blending, Eye Shadow, Eyelash & Brow Wand, Med Precision, Fan, Blush, Powder

The reason these are my favorite brushes:
 Slanted Liner - Is great for using with cream eyeliner, I have a good control with this brush
Blending- It is big enough for my crease and does a great job at blending in my E/S together
Eye Shadow- Picks up the color great and applies it really well, when my blending brush is dirty this works well to blend. I also use this for my highlighter.
Eyelash & Brow Wand- It does a beautiful job at combing my eyebrows, I think everyone should have one of these brushes.
Med Precision- I use this to apply my E/S to my outer V and apply E/S to my lower lash line, It's small enough that it doesn't pick up alot of product which is good for the lower lash line.
Fan- Great for removing the fall out from your eyes. Or I use it to contour my cheeks and forehead.
Blush- I like the dome shape to this brush, it applies color perfect to my cheeks. I also use it for my bronzer
Powder- This brush it awesome for applying your powder, you can sweep it on or dap the powder on my face. This brush is so soft!

(e.l.f brushes- Blending, Eyeshadow, Wand, Fan, Powder) The other three I got from school I don't know the name, but you can find those brushes almost anywhere.

What are your favorite brushes to use?

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